Introduction of mobile app development

Can We live without Mobile? this is a questions which always raise in my mind and internally it disturbed to me.

there are different use of mobile devices and multi functional tasking nature. Through the mobile devices,You can perform variety of tasks with the help of apps for both personal and professional use.More and more mobile devices are GPS enabled and allow users to obtain the driving directions or accessing the email.whether you want to book cab or check the live train stations. Everything is all connected with mobile devices and Mobile devices are depend on the apps.


it discusses the various types of mobile devices platforms and mobile developments environments.

Types of Mobile Apps:

1.Multimedia Apps : these include the live TV,audio players,video players and graphics and images viewers.

2.Travel Apps: If you are travelling then these apps would be in your mobile like currency converters,whether info and booking apps and language translators.

3. Utilities Apps : It can be contact manager,task manager and call manager.

4. Web based Apps :browsers,search engine are the part pf this category.

5. Communication Apps : One of the best popular apps and usable in daily life like whats app,skype,messaging and email.

6. Enterprise Apps : these apps can help you to increase the office productivity work like Microsoft office,Hootsuite,buffer etc.

7. Productivity Apps : These apps can help us to remind the work status like calendar,calculator,mobile apps.

8. Social networking Apps : These include networking sites Facebook, twitter.

9. Location Based Apps: use of Google Maps in a daily life we know the  use.

10. Gaming Apps : these include various kinds of apps like puzzle, cards and sports.

Mobile Apps Usage Scenarios


Mobile Apps

In the modern era, Information is the  most important aspect of life.information is crucial part of the life for the  professionals,business man or marketing executives. whether you are on  move from one place to another or boarding the flight and You want to exchange the information with your team and stay in touch with your colleagues in the office, the devices are more useful. besides these other users also use apps for the messaging,calling and emailing. there are  gadgets in many flavors available in the market. through these gadgets,user can facilitates access to management the information.

Mobile Advertising:

Mobile advertising is another booming market for advertisements.this is one the rapidly growing sector which is enabling the brands. creating the opportunity for businesses and companies, those which are using the mobile apps as a path for marketing tools.The companies directly connect with their consumers on mobiles phones.Beyond the use of traditional way.

User segments for mobile app

  1. Mobile Apps for professionals
  2. Mobile Apps for senior citizens
  3. Mobile apps for younger generation
  4. Mobile apps for Parents
  5. Mobiles apps for children
  6. Mobile Apps for Homemakers

So improving the life and challenge the unchallenged part of future in mobile world. you should mind the use of apps. instead of  acquiring the lots of apps on your mobile which is actually does not mean.


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