Mobile Apps for Professional

In today’s world,The people using the mobile devices for official purpose,apart from the laptop and desktop computers.Using mobile devices,users can have many more features like messaging,emailing etc.some apps like location based apps boost the commercial purpose and provide the information from anywhere,anytime.Some apps that would be useful for professional are:


  • And FTP: this app allows users to connect the FTP enables you to download,browse the files from anywhere.You can also delete,upadate,rename,permissions to the files. you can also connect with Dropbox for easily access the big files.
  • Onesafe: This app allows enable you to encrypt the photos,password,data,credit cards, website login, hence secures them from hackers. It send the information at particular interval of time for alerts for  attempted password hacking.
  • MobileDay: This app enables you to attend the conference call,emailing,calendar features from the mobile devices.

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  • Adobe reader:like you have open the adobe reader files on your desktop and laptop,you can also use this app with  more features like comment and sticky notes in your mobile devices.
  • Office Mobile Viewers: This app allows viewers to view the files,documents,excel files, power point ,email attachments and lots. You can not make changes in these files.
  • hootsuite and Buffer: Being a professional, you can also integrate with social media sites and manage your posting at your finger prints. you can also make posting and schedule your post as per user convenience.
  • Accuweather: If you are travelling to the new city or wearing the clothes at morning,you can check the weather and plan travel accordingly.
  • Genius Scan: These apps replaces two other technology like scanning and photocopier.You can scan your documents so many pages.
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