Mobile Apps for Seniors

Although modern information technology is changing the lifestyle of younger generation and less impact on older people.but there are some companies which designed the specific mobile apps for senior citizen.If they want put some emergency call. There are some apps also which can help  the citizen to monitor the glucose,cholesterol, and blood pressure also.


The apps specially designed with easy interface and menu systems.such apps developed on smartphones can  improve the citizen’s  quality lives.Some popular apps, you should know like:

  1. Pill Reminder Pro: If your friends and families need a medicine dose.this app will definitely help you.You can enter the details of dose,timing.The app automatically send you the alert message on specified time.
  2. Park n forget : Parking is hectic but it will be more hectic when you parked and come back earch your car in hundred of  cars and bikes.This app will help you to find your car.You just need to associate with deck number or color and pin the location with deck.
  3. Dragon Dictation: This app can enable you to convert the speech into text and help the hearing impairment to read it.
  4. VizWiz: this mobile app allows partially sighted users to take the picture and ask the question and receive multiple answers.
  5. Voice Reading App: This mobile app helps seniors to read the news or information, if they are unable to see the small text onto the screen.
  6. Daily Yoga: This app enable you to learn the yoga sessions and make fit to you.

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