Mobile Apps for Younger generation

In the modern era and trend Young generation is using the mobile app for study to food. Mobile app replaces the heavy study materials.Students can read online,take picture,share the documents and videos  for trendy way.Using mobile apps, students can learn, online education tutorial,search the subject specific and make their assignments.It brings completely different paradigm and dimension of learning.Mobiles apps also provide the entertainment to students like video ring tone,games,wallpapers and music.consider the following example that are popular among youth.

Mobile Apps for Younger generation

  1. Whatsapp: this mobile app is a cross platform app which is most popularly used by the youngsters for video calling,messaging.It will free of cost for messaging and connect you to your dear ones.
  2. Instagram: you can share photos on different social networking sites and enhance your picture quality with photo editor features.
  3. Soundhound: This mobile app let you recognize  the song online which is running through speakers and provides the music name,genre,artist name and singer with the link to buy.
  4. Snapchat: The main feature of this mobile app for popularity among users,You can get the message and once you have read it. the message automatically destroyed from the phone.the most appealing and encouraging to teens the self destructive message feature.
  5. Angry Birds: this mobile app used by the younger generation for playing games for the entertainment purpose.
  6. Wikipedia: You can get the version for mobile app and it would connect you the content of encyclopedia.
  7. YouTube:  the people thought that the you tube time has gone but the one of the best content sharing app popular among the teen in america.

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