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Make money MoPub and Admob App Monetization

What Is MoPub

There are three vertical users who are getting benefit by the platform like App developer, Companies and Marketing Agencies.

Mopub is acquires by the twitter in 2013 but several years ago, mopub is take their ideation place and works from 2010. As an App developer and making money online, I will suggest this trusted platform.


MoPub is another way to make some revenue to publisher and app developer. MoPub is a app monetization platform, if you want to serve the ad and get the commission from this. Billions of  Ad Companies like to offer and promote their services and activity through this platform. If you think that would help to grow your business Then use it right now.

Comparison of MoPub Vs Admob :

  1. MoPub is belong to Twitter Company and Admob is related to Google. These are the mediation platform for ad publisher to expand their outreach to the number of peoples by their App.
  2. MoPub required more traffic to make the revenue where as Admob can start from the first day.
  3. Admob is taking the 40 percent from Publisher whereas MoPub did not disclose it now.
  4. I will tell you that Payments cycle of Admob is 30 days whereas MoPub payment cycle belong to 60 days. I mean If you want to get your first 100 dollar credit in your Bank, you would wait as per their duration. Both Ad networks are reliable and best platform to earn the revenue.
  5. It depend on Country for increasing your revenue like First tier country advertiser invest more money in their technology, product or services.

MoPub App Monetization

There are lots of users who are using the AdMob for making some revenue through the mobile Application, If You also want to make some money from your App. Then Use this tutorial to create the an inbuilt process of app monetization.

Why will use MoPub:

  • MoPub provides the revenue solution and monetization for mobile app publisher and developer.
  • You can get maximum ad impression and so that money through the mobile App.
  • This is the alternative of AdSense. If Your AdSense account was blocked the, you can use this platform to promote your app and increase your earning.

Monetize your App:

  • Open MoPub( website and click on the Get Started button.
  • Click Get started one more time or You need to sign up.
  • You will get one form , fill the form with your basic details.
  • Now go to Market place Tab and Click .
  • You will see the lots of Ads available there and bidding facility.
  • There is one button called Payment Info

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