Schedule Social Media Marketing(SMM) for your Client leads

“Create great content and share it with your circle and great content  website will create networking”

Why use? Social Media


If you are running a business and you want to engage your customer, consumer and target audience. Whether you to get more traffic on your website or share your posts on social media. If you are concerned for your business promotion then you are on right place .

Here you should learn how to get the high engagement of your audience and make business through your post sharing. There is a essay on social media marketing  like “More business means more money and happy life”.

There are some rules you will have to follow during the Social Media Marketing Quotes and this will create a path for you and generate the leads.

Creating a good content:

Whenever you are creating appost you should focus on your audience because it is a soul of your business and it would be specific and related to your business.

Save your Time: 

You should take care of your post on social media banner for specific business era.Now you are posting one post daily or two or three per day but if I ask you to post 10-15 post daily and not only a single networking site but also many more, Surprised? Don’t worry you can do with these apps like Hootsuite and Buffer Application.

Through this application you should create a post and schedule it as per your convenient timing .Now the question is what time? You should post on that time so that your friends, family and target audience will go through your Social Media Marketing quotes.

Schedule for Viral Post:

There is huge study and analytics after the lots of study has come in scenario that  Media Scheduling from the Internet is quite good approach to make your business outreach to audience.

Daily Posting Routine on Instagram –

  • During the Monday and Thursday – instead of timing 3-4 pm , You should post on time.
  • Video posting – 9 Pm -8AM in Any day

Timing for  Facebook Post

  • The best time to post 1-4 PM
  • 12 to 1 PM is prime time to post on Saturday and Sunday
  • Wednesday – 3 pm
  • Thursday and Friday 1-4 Pm
  • The worst times are weekends before 8 AM and after 8 p.m.

Schedule on Twitter Post

  • the Users are busy in their daily routine work but when they reach on their destination. there are huge numbers of employee, home maker who did free their self  during the 12 -3 p.m and its perfect time to post your content on Twitter Platform.
  • As per above discussion Social Media Platform scheduling time for Retweets are between 5 Pm to 6 p.m.

Share from your favorite apps: there is lots of app which can help you to work on it and make your post viral on such platform.

Canva: when, you are working with company or getting leads to promote some business. You would need to make Social Media Banner for posting in different time. whether You are a blogger or Social Media Marketer,  You should focus to make Banner by using the Canva tools.In this tool, You can work to promote your business by making yourself without spending a single penny.

Happy Social Media Marketing

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