How to install Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

Use Yoast Seo Plugin in WordPress:


If you are a website developer and want to self host the website Yoast Seo is the plugin to help you in the visibility on internet.This tool can help you to make your website search engine friendly.whether you are making a website for your own enterprise or for the client.It will really make your visibility in global internet space.

Installing the Yoast Seo:

If you can install Yoast directly to add new plug in from dashboard left side of the website screen and click on add new plugin options or you can upload the plugin from the website too.Both options are available for the developer or user.If you have ever used this plugin to install and work on it then fine and if not Need not to worry I will tell you the whole process easily.
Step 1: Once You have download the plugin then click on activate button for the further set up.
Step 2: Once you have done with installation,use the plugin required for that.

Setting up Search Engine Optimization Plugin:

Now you will find the SEO options from the website admin dashboard panel.Click on General under the SEO plugin side.It will open the General tab where you can put some information to your website.
Step 4: under the General Tab click on the Your info Tab next beside the General Tab.

Your Info:

Here, you should tell your Yoast about your website or if you have some other name. weather you are a company or individual , you should reflect it in the column. It will help to create a place in knowledge graph results.You will have the chance to set up the website where you can include the company logo for better results in knowledge graph results.

Webmaster Tools:

lets move to next option which is most important tools. Google search console,bing,baidu and yandex you can varify your site here if you have not verified yet.

The tutorial will continue each and every step for the yoast a to z plugin discussion and learning.

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